Transmission & Distribution Planning and Resource Integration

We recognize the need to update current transmission and distribution technologies as power suppliers adapt to the rapidly changing market. As distributed renewable sources of electricity become more prevalent in the United States, the existing infrastructure that transmits and distributes electricity will require evaluation and upgrades to accommodate these new sources of energy. Decisions affecting the transmission and distribution networks made today will affect how power is supplied for decades to follow. Proper transmission and distribution system planning, which considers the dynamic energy market, is required to ensure capital projects are executed with consideration of future growth of distributed sources. The EPE team has extensive expertise in analyzing transmission deliverability, with emphasis on system reliability and grid modernization. Our engineers provide customers with detailed transmission analysis studies that identify possible generation interconnection fatal flaws and ensure reliable integration of energy resources. EPE utilizes an extensive suite of enterprise-based power system software, including our proprietary software, to conduct client-specific studies. The studies support ROI analysis, budget planning, regulatory filings, and legal testimony, among others. EPE works with our clients to smoothly integrate resources including system operation planning, maintenance, and protection from end to end. Our expansive software tools, coupled with our engineering expertise, offer our clients an unparalleled resource to address any transmission and distribution system challenge. Trust Electric Power Engineers, Inc. with Transmission & Distribution Planning.


  • Generation Interconnection Impact Studies
  • Model Development
  • Grid Planning Studies
  • Grid Operation Studies
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping
  • Rate Studies
  • Wholesale Power Supply Contracts
  • Work Order Inspections
  • Transmission Deliverability Analysis
  • Wheeling Charges, Congestion, and Loss Evaluation
  • Locational Marginal Price Analysis
  • Expert Witness Provision
  • Regulatory Filing Assistance
  • Independent System Operator (ISO) Working Group Support
  • Grid Code Development

Case Study

System Design

Horse Creek Wind

EPE provided engineering support with the interconnection, registration, testing and commissioning of the 230 MW Horse Creek Wind project with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). EPE also performed a Sub-Synchronous Oscillation (SSO) analysis to determine if the proposed 230 MW Horse Creek Wind project may become radially connected to a series compensated transmission line under specific contingency conditions and in turn experience SSO disturbances causing risk to the project or to the ERCOT grid

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