GridSight 2017

GridSight Profitable Network Operation Made Simple

Our platform’s capabilities are beyond engineering planning. GridSight provides a unified package with useful operational aspects such as maps, outage analysis, fleet tracking, and it can all be managed at the control center or on a handheld out in the field. Make changes with confidence that reflect across your network in real time.

  • Fault Analysis and Short Circuit Calculations
  • Unbalanced Power Flow
  • Flexible Load Models
  • Detail Equipment Model
  • Network Connectivity Analysis
  • Shunt Impedance Calculations
  • Build Substations with Land Provisions and Connections for 3 to 5 MW of Solar and Energy Storage
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MarketNSight Market Simulation Backed by Precision

   *MarketNSight is a MSAAS (Managed Software As A Service) product

The growth of demand response program and renewable generation is changing the economics of transmission. The right tools are crucial to successful navigation. Your compass is MarketNSight. The INPUT/OUTPUT based simulation software provides our clients with a dynamic understanding of the marketplace on a granular level. Easily determine key impacts of transmission congestion, fuel cost, generator availability, bid prices and load growth, and much more.

  • MarketNSight provides foretasted LMP’s for buses and hubs
  • Simulates the impact of renewable energy sources on transmission congestion
  • Forecasts the amount of energy curtailments
  • Ability to evaluate the production cost savings, changes in transmission congestion
  • Provides hourly binding constraints
  • Has no inherent restrictions on size, transmission contingencies, number of generators or load buses.
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