Smart Grid Development

As the sources of electrical energy include an increasing mix of renewable assets, such as wind and solar, energy providers are driven to find innovative solutions to efficiently manage an increasingly complex and interconnected network or smart grid. This often involves implementing new technologies and equipment to further automate, monitor and control the flow of power based on reliability, economic and environmental considerations. The primary challenge associated with these endeavors is the transformation of raw data from geographically distributed assets into meaningful information that can be used to respond to changing conditions with minimal human intervention. A smart grid is the end result of these technology deployments. The information obtained from implementing a smart grid network can serve multiple stakeholders for multiple purposes. Smart grid information can help providers determine pricing structures, moving from flat rates to usage-based rates, for example. Additionally, a smart grid network can be deployed to allow power consumers the opportunity to monitor their rates and adjust or schedule peak usage accordingly. One fundamental goal of a smart grid system is to establish the means to economically and dynamically provide power that is reliable and efficient by operating at peak capacity using sustainable methods. The EPE team offers the required knowledge, expertise and experience required to plan and implement distribution system designs that integrate the latest emerging smart grid technology. Highlighting these unique capabilities are our software tools developed by EPE engineers and energy market subject matter experts. Our software tools allow our clients to jointly analyze transmission and distribution systems and make informed decisions based on real-time and historical market conditions as well as current and future energy demands.

Smart Grid


  • Smart Grid Modeling
  • Smart Equipment Data Integration
  • Variable Renewable Energy Integration Analysis
  • Solar Penetration Impact Studies
  • Energy Storage Integration Studies