Global Scaling of Renewables

In the United States, EPE’s home state of Texas leads the nation in innovative approaches to integrating large amounts of wind and solar to the electrical grid through market reform, policy changes, and CREZ transmissions. EPE has leveraged its experience in planning and development of electrical grids over the past 25 years and applied its expertise in support global emerging markets.

In addition to its work in the United States, EPE has worked in cooperation with USAID and USTDA to assist developing countries in addressing their energy challenges through the development of renewable energy projects. EPE has supported international projects and governments during the project development cycle including grid impact studies, code development, grid modernization, and detailed system design.

Regardless of the geographic location, EPE brings the expertise, experience, and innovation to address your regional energy challenges. Trust Electric Power Engineers, Inc. with Integrated Resource Planning.



  • Strategic Energy Planning
  • Grid Integration
  • Regulator Policy Analysis
  • Smart Investment Programs
  • Competitive Procurement Program Development
  • Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) Development


Case Study

Integration of Renewable Energy In Jamaica

• Perform detailed studies to determine mitigation options for added renewable penetration to minimize outages and  load shed

• Evaluate how energy storage may help minimize outages as well as create local microgrids for distribution systems

• Determine the net effect of operation and dispatch of renewables vs. conventional generation

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