RARF Registration

(Resource Asset Registration Forms) – ERCOT

Electric Power Engineers, Inc. offers guidance to generation entities to ensure successful integration of proposed generation resource into the ERCOT transmission grid. A generation resource is typically 10MW or larger, whereas distributed generation produces below the 10MW range. Only generation resources are required to submit the RARF along with Full Interconnection Screening. Trust Electric Power Engineers, Inc. with your RARF registration needs.

RARF Registration

To view the RARF  Registration process, visit: http://www.ercot.com/services/rq

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RARF Registration – Case Study

Solar Layout Model

RARFs can become difficult to navigate. As part of EPE’s Interconnection Testing & Commissioning services, we support our clients with their RARF completion process at any stage of the ERCOT Interconnection Process. To complete this work for one of our clients, EPE updated the project inverter, layout, model and collection system to reflect the newly selected inverter.

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