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Generation Project Interconnection Design

Renewable Generation Project Development


EPE has been in the engineering consulting business since 1968 and has extensive experience in renewable energy projects, particularly wind and solar since 1995. We assist our clients through all stages of renewable generation development: from initial site evaluation to generation grid interconnection. EPE has assisted dozens of wind and solar generation developers all across the US and internationally. We specialize in the evaluation of transmission grid export capacity, and will also act as Owner’s Engineer, coordinating design, engineering, procurement, and construction of projects. At EPE, we understand and address all technical corner-stone elements that are vital for the success of a renewable generation project.

  • Over 50 renewable generation clients.
  • Over 100 generator interconnection assessments per year.


Energy Market Analysis

At Electric Power Engineers, we understand the grid and can integrate your needs and projects into the modern grid. Since 1968 we have been power engineers for transmission & distribution utilities and generation resources.

Optimization with Cost and Congestion Management

Transmission congestion can have a significant impact on the energy market and affect revenue potential. Many markets use locational marginal pricing (LMP) to determine system congestion, curtailment, and negative pricing. LMP provides a mechanism for wholesale electric prices to reflect the value of the power at different locations while accounting for patterns of load, generation capacity, and physical limits of the transmission system.

EPE has extensive experience in performing LMP studies using customizable computer models to calculate prices at specific locations and market hubs. We use our experience with transmission and distribution planning and system studies to design and implement electrical grids that reflect the current and future needs of our clients.


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