Monthly Archives: December 2016

EPE Presenting at Utilities of the Future Workshop in Washington, D.C.

EPE will be participating in the USAID Electric Utility Business Models of the Future workshop where EPE President, Hala Ballouz, and EPE’s VP of Business Development, Hugo Mena, will be providing their experience and expertise in the area of energy storage and the role of the consumer in the electric utility. This workshop will educate the participants with the fundamental knowledge of the existing state of the electric utility sector and the challenges and opportunities moving forward to aid in the improvement of the planning and operations of the electric utility sector.

EPE President Attending Grenada Grid Code Development and Workshop in Grenada

As part of the Caribbean Clean Energy Program (CARCEP), USAID and EPE are having a week long initiative in Grenada to aid the country’s local utility, GRENLEC, in development of electrical Grid Codes as well as provide insight and experience regarding the integration of renewables. USAID and EPE will be attending breakout sessions with the Ministry of Energy as well as GRENLEC in order to better understand the needs of the country to better aid in the development of standards and processes to be included within the Grid Code. At the conclusion of this workshop a set of preliminary Grid Codes and supporting documentation will be developed and provided.

Below is a picture showing EPE’s president Hala N. Ballouz along with USAID CARCEP Energy and Regulatory Governance Specialist, Elizabeth Butler, and USAID CARCEP Deputy Chief of Party and Clean Energy Development Specialist, Dwight DaCosta.

Grenada 2016