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2014 Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA) Awards

The presentation of the 2014 TREIA Awards took place at the Texas Renewables 2014 conference during the Appreciation Luncheon on Wednesday, November 5, at the Sheraton Dallas hotel.

During this event, the winners were congratulated and the awards were presented by Cynthia Redwine-Martinez, General Counsel, Meridian Solar, TREIA Awards Committee chair, and Hala Ballouz, President, Electric Power Engineers, Inc., TREIA President. Below is a list of the awards and their winners:
• 2014 Local Advocacy Award received by North Texas Renewable Energy Group (NTREG)
• 2014 Local Collaboration of the Year Award received by North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG)
• 2014 Pushing the Envelope Award received by Austin Energy and Recurrent Energy
• 2014 Project of the Year Award received by First Solar on their Barilla Solar Project
• 2014 Member of the Year Award received by Melissa Miller at Miller Wind & Renewables, LLC

In addition to the above, The Charles H. Freeman Award, which has only been given twice by the Board of Directors of TREIA in memory of Charles (founder of Electric Power Engineers, Inc) who passed away in 2004 during his 3rd term as TREIA president, was presented to Hala Ballouz. The award is given in recognition of a member who has contributed exceptional service and commitment to TREIA, helping it accomplish its goals while emphasizing the purposes and benefits of TREIA’s organization which were penned by Charles himself before his passing. Below is a picture of Hala receiving the Charles H. Freeman Award. For more information on the event, please visit the website.

2014 Texas

AES Southland Selected by Southern California Edison Company (“SCE”) to develop 1,284 MW of thermal capacity and 100 MW x 4 hours of Battery Energy Storage in the West Los Angeles (LA) Basin, California

SCE selected AES southland from the Local Capacity Requirements Request for Offers (“LCR RFO”) for incremental capacity in the West LA Basin Sub-Area, to develop 1,284 MW of thermal capacity and 100 MW x 4 hours of Battery Energy Storage in the West LA Basin, California. More specifically, the projects consist of:
• 2 x 1 combined cycle rated at 644 MW at Huntington Beach, California
• 2 x 1 combined cycle rated at 640 MW at Long Beach, California
• 100 MW of Battery Energy Storage System rated at 4 hours at Long Beach, California

EPE Consulting Services have been key for AES Southland since 2010, analyzing the transmission efficacy of these projects and assisting in the design to repower up to 4,200 MW of AES’s Once Through Cooling (OTC) units in the LA Basin area, California. EPE is pleased to be part of AES Southland success and look forward to assist AES with their future projects.